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The following Horoscope is available in Français language, but the explanation on this side are in English.

Avida Astrology offers professional Horoscopes of highest quality at favourable prices. We co-operate with world leading Astrologers and develop ourselves all the time. Our Horoscopes are no doubt one of the best on the market. We have been Casting Horoscopes since 1986 and have many satisfied customers among ”ordinary people” as well as ”well known people” who
consult us continuously.

Please Observe: Our Horoscopes should not be mixed-up with simple daily papers- and weekly publication Horoscopes, not even with other simple Horoscopes that could be found here on ”the net”.

Horoscope / Horoscope de naissance

Horoscope de naissance

1. Horoscope de naissance

(français  anglais  suédoise  norvégien  portugais  espagnol  allemande  japonais)

This is a Character Horoscope consists approximately 10 pages. The Interpretation is a very extensive analysis based on where and when you were born. Reading is exiting and interesting and is about you only, divided into 6 chapters:

1. La Façon dont Tu Approches la Vie.
2. Ton Essence Profonde et Ta Motivation Réelle.
3. Intérêts et Capacités Intellectuelles.
4. Ta Nature Émotionnelle.
5. Énergie, Ambitions et Instinct de Survie.
6. Les Autres Influences.

Your personal Chart Wheel will be enclosed with this Horoscope!

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Horoscope du futur / Horoscope du jour

Prévision Horoscope

2. Prévision Horoscope

(français  anglais  suédoise  norvégien  espagnol)

This Horoscope contains about 6 pages / month. Future Horoscope tells you what will happen in future day by day in Calendar Form. You will be told how you should meet and act in different situations!

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Horoscope ami / partenaire

Compatibilité Horoscope (ami / partenaire – horoscope)

3. Compatibilité Horoscope (ami / partenaire – horoscope)

(anglais suédoise norvégien français espagnol allemande)

Compatibility Horoscope consists of approximately 3 pages and very interesting to read. It analyses relationship between 2 people in a personal and amusing way. This Horoscope explains the most important questions in a relation and offers you knowledge of how to solve possible problems between you two! You will understand and appreciate each other much better.

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